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Coffee beans from all over the world are gathered here for you to choose with your style. Ready to deliver directly to your home.
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We select coffee bean from all over the world and that has a roasting plant inside on an area of 3,200 square meters, Ready for creating a never-ending coffee experience. Fully equipped with a variety of drink menus, the signature menu has been created especially. And enjoy the best bakery that has been selected.
Rolling Roasters, a coffee shop that has a roasting plant inside an area of  3,200 square meters, was born from the intention of Ann – Rossarin Tiyawaraphan under the concept of World Rolls, We Roll. which conveys rotation of the world that never stops Just like the world of Rolling Roasters coffee that never stops developing knowledge for flavor, brewing, and a new coffee experience. Including being a center that brings every coffee to one place for exchanging between customers and baristas. With the distinctive decoration of the shop with three globes under the concept of Past / Present / Future, representing the three coffee eras, from past, present and future, the exterior stands out with a silver globe that represents Futuristic. In a garden that has only one design style in Thailand, we strive to make it be a place for exchanging coffee experiences in every aspect because we are Rolling Roasters, the world of coffee that never stops.
Coffee lab zone for you to try,
study or exchange coffee experiences. To make drinking coffee environment more special than ever.
Rolling Menu
Find a variety of drink menus to choose from both cold and hot. Quality coffee made by specially trained baristas. And enjoy the best bakery that has been selected only here.